George Soros’ Incredible Achievements in All Aspects of Life

The Open Society Foundations is a group seeking to enhance democracy all over the world. According to the group’s website, The Open Society Foundations has branches in over 120 countries. The group is involved in activities such as advocating for human rights and supporting the refugees, the less fortunate and LGBT society. George Soros, holding the chairman position of the group, started the organization over three decades ago. Mr. Soros is a highly respected and talented hedge fund manager as well as an entrepreneur. George is also a renowned philanthropist with affiliation to numerous charitable acts.

According to an article from Open Society Foundations, an official of the group stated that George plans to leave a considerable portion of his wealth to the organization. Laura Silber, a spokesperson, gave an estimation of the amount of money Open Society Foundations has spent since the 1980’s to be close to $14 billion. Currently the organization is worth $18 billion all thanks to George Soros, which is way more than the value of Ford Foundation. The group is second in place in the United States. George Soros’ donation of $18 billion marked one of the most massive wealth transfer ever done by a single individual to only one foundation. Visit this site to know more at

Open Society is well-known in the United States for being associated with several programs such as the ones advocating for gay and lesbian rights and fighting to reduce police brutality. The foundation has also funded a humanitarian cause during the Ebola outbreak in 2014. George Soros fights to reduce discrimination of any kind and promote democracy on a global scale. Soros’ actions are inspired by his childhood that is; growing up in a Jewish family during the Nazi era. George is initially from Hungary, a region in Budapest. He survived the harsh period and later moved to England in 1947.

Once in England, George joined the London School of Economics. He worked two occupations while still in school, as a waiter as well as a railway porter. In 1951 George completed his undergraduate level with a Bachelor of Science in philosophy. George Soros progressed with his education, and in 1954 he earned a Master of Science in philosophy. After acquiring his degree, George tried to look for a good job, but it was difficult. Eventually, he decided to work for a wholesaler as a traveling salesman. Fortunately, in 1954, George Soros’ career path began working at the Singer & Friedlander bank of London.

George Soros has worked for different financial institutions since then until he opened the Soros Fund Management in 1970. Soros is known for his capability to make massive profits from trading, acquiring earnings which are beyond imagination. In one of his famous trades, George made a profit of $ 1 billion that left the Bank of England broke. He also made a similar trade and broke the Asian monetary system as well. The man is gifted with the ability to spot huge investments. George is also into politics supporting Democrats such as Hilary Clinton. He also funded campaigns against George Bush’s re-election and Donald Trump’s election. Read more on Fox News about George Soros.

How Tech Companies Are Using Sentient To Become Profitable

With the growth and adoption of artificial intelligence, there are a dozen or so companies that are positioned to make huge profits from their use of AI. Among this companies are Google, Amazon, Netflix Oracle among other firms.

Most if not all Sentient AI applications need highly sophisticated hardware to facilitate faster processing. Chips manufactured by NVidia are the preferred choice for running various machine learning software. Micron designs unique memory chips that are well suited to run multiple machine learning applications looking at these facts, it is evident that these companies are poised for massive profits as they are the preferred manufacturers of chips used in artificial intelligence.

Taking into consideration that AI applications are run over the internet then cloud computing companies that have the necessary infrastructure such as Amazon and IBM will be likely beneficiaries of the adoption of AI technology.

Several companies are adopting AI to enhance their primary businesses. For instance, Google uses AI for some reasons relevant to its business. Some of the reason for the application of AI by Google is to improve the quality of search results. Other than providing quality search results, AI enables the customization of these results to match the users’ needs and preferences. Other than Google, Amazon and Netflix use Sentient AI for similar reasons to Google.

When it comes to Amazon and Netflix, Artificial Intelligence is used to track a client’s previous purchases and borrowings to anticipate the next product the customer will need. For clients using these services, getting “recommendations” and “other products that might interest you” happens on a regular basis but what most people overlook is that AI is usually the engine behind providing these suggestions.

The reason most companies are breaking away from their conventional way of running their processes and adopting AI is the predictability that comes with the technology. Artificial intelligence applications let a computer use clear set rules that can be used to predict inputs. IBM and Prism are the most prominent players who are currently employing the automation of routine white-collar functions.

Using this technology Oracle is pushing its development of an entirely autonomous database service, this will be the first of this kind in the technological world. If this succeeds, Artificial intelligence will be able to replace human database administrators.

It is estimated that in the next decade revenue from artificial intelligence will equal the current size of the American GDP and will equal the world’s total GDP by 2030.

Review and Discover Crystal Clear EOS

Evolution of Smooth or EOS was born over seven years ago to become the second best-selling lip balm in the country. It is rapidly overtaking number one, Burt’s Bees, and the demand for natural and organic products is making EOS a superstar.

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Evolution of Smooth, EOS, is known for those tidy round dispensers that give your dry lips a sheen and a hint of color. EOS lip balm has been around for years, and the popularity for its unique shape has been growing by leaps and bounds. However, there was an ingredient in EOS lip balms, which kept vegans from enjoying the excellent benefits of EOS Lip Balm. Now that element is gone.

EOS recently announced a new flavor to bring lip balms to the vegan community says The crystal-clear balm is still the same unique shape but is now missing beeswax. Removing the beeswax give the entire world the opportunity to use EOS. The vegan crystal flavors of lip balm will benefit everyone. The balm is organic, clear, and utterly animal byproduct-free.

EOS packs awesome little orbs of lip balms with jojoba oil, vitamin E, coconut, Shea and other natural oils. Right now, there are only two vegan-friendly flavors, Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. These yummy flavors are flying off the shelves and EOS’ online stores at unprecedented rates. You are just not “with it” if you don’t have one of these orbs in your purse.

EOS’s marketing has paid off. The product feels right – from the soft round packaging to the colors of the orbs, the smells, the taste, and the clicking sound made when you close the orb. Mmmm, just the word “orb” gives you a pleasurable feeling, read more!

Keep going, EOS, and make us feel good. You are the lip balm everyone is craving.

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