Dr. Moll Advises Today’s Generation To Always Seek Ways To Improve

When Jorge Moll, who is asked about his favorite quote, he chose one from Leonardo Da Vinci that states “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” That is how Jorge Moll views what the best approach to business is as well as he feels a business leader should be skillful but also open and transparent with their thinking. In seeking to find a better way for living for humanity as a whole, he does not feel that strategic choices should be made which could harm the greater good (http://moll-lab.org/our-team/jorge-moll).

As the founder of the Head of D’Or Institute of Research and Education, Moll’s day is not all that much different than those that many of us experience. He spends a large portion of his days in meetings. These meetings can range from ones that involve colleagues, students and other business entrepreneurs. While seeking to improve education and healthcare for all, he seeks to gain by bouncing ideas off those with a variety of backgrounds. Once of Moll’s goals is to develop plans which combine the thoughts of humans and artificial intelligence to improve the comfort in your typical hospital stay.

As a neurologist, Moll is trying to find out how others think and learn. This is shown by one of the gifts he says is his best $100 dollars spent recently and that was a combination of Legos and figurines. Watching his kids play and experiment, using their imagination with those toys allows him to learn more about their patterns of thoughts and possibly improve his own.

Yes, even as the developer of his own Institute of Research and Education Jorge Moll is still trying to improve his other logic and thinking processes. He believes that it is important to act on your thoughts quickly before they become stale. If the idea fails, he suggests not necessarily seeking fault in the idea, but in the thought process behind your plan that failed. This will allow you to take a different approach with your next idea that you come up with, and find the path to success for that one.