Oncotarget Helps Doctors Connect with Their Patients

Oncotarget knows what it takes to give people what they are looking for. They have come a long way in the area they are in and that has allowed them to treat even more people because they know what they are doing. Cancer treatment is important to them and they want to know what it will take to make things better. Because of their dedication to people who are in cancer treatment, they know what they need to do. When Research Gate talked about Oncotarget, they saw the publication was doing what they could to make sure their patients had everything they needed. In fact, they knew there would be more opportunities for people to try and get the help they deserved. Everything they did went back to how they could help and what they could actually do to make a difference. It was important to Oncotarget to provide positive options to their patients and the doctors who were trying to treat their patients. Follow Oncotarget on Linkedin.

Bringing information to doctors who were in the sector was not an easy task. The creators of Oncotarget knew that when they started the publication so they did what they could to make it easier for people to deal with. They also designed the peer review publication so more doctors would have a chance to connect with each other. They had always wanted people to realize they were doing their best and that’s what made them the best they could be.

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Once the company was able to come up with new ways for doctors to connect, they were confident they could show people how much things would get better. They had always wanted to give the medical community something they could benefit from. By offering these options with Oncotarget, the oncologists had a chance to help each other. They also knew they would be doing everything they could for their patients which is why most of them started working in the medical industry. Because of their success with the publication, oncologists learned how they could benefit other people and those who were trying to get better from cancer. Listen to an audio podcast of Oncotarget on Itunes.

Eric Lefkofsky Plan in Data Integration for Better Management of Cancer

Cancer is among the leading health concerns in the world today. Efficient management of cancer lies in the ability to provide practitioners with a detailed medical history of each patient’s case from varied sources to tailor a suitable treatment. Currently, the available sources do not combine a comprehensive data of the patient’s genomic information and therapeutic data. Lack of an all-in-one source for information not only renders the treatment process lengthy but heightens the possibility of missing out on crucial information.

Speaking during the Fortune Brainstorming Health Conference in San Diego, Eric Lefkofsky noted that clinicians require both molecular and clinical data while offering treatment. The new treatment methodology ought to include the DNA and RNA makeup of the patient alongside information regarding other forms of therapy the patient receives. Other health conditions affecting the patient such as diabetes and the treatment for the same are also among the relevant details required by the practitioner. According to Eric, this information is not readily available to the medical professionals since it may take up to 90 days to collect information from various centers.

It is this realization that Mr Lefkofsky through his organization seeks to create a system that integrates and provides all this information in real time. Through Tempus, he aims to create technology that captures the information held in the electronic medical record (EMR) and the pathology systems and combines to produce the complete information required by clinicians. He reveals that the information will come in handy for practitioners and those working with cancer patients. It will provide them with a platform with adequate data to analyze each patient’s case and offer customized treatment for other health conditions as well.

After graduating from college, Eric Lefkofsky started off in the business world as a carpet seller. After trying his hand in different business ventures, he ventured into the internet arena as an entrepreneur. Currently, he is valued at $1.65 billion and is the co-founder of Groupon among other business firms. He also runs the charitable organization Lefkofsky Family Foundation which he set up in partnership with his wife, Liz, in 2006. The foundation aims to fund high-impact programs that improve the quality of human life. It is under this program that the idea of Tempus originated following his wife’s diagnosis with cancer.