Best EOS Lip Balm for Chronically Dry Lips

You have probably seen people toting around these colorful Easter-egg looking lip balms. What you saw is most likely an EOS Lip Balm. EOS, evolution of soft, make various health and beauty products from hair to lotion. Their most popular product, however, is by far the EOS lip balms. Even though there are over five types of balms, they all are safe for sensitive skin. It can be hard for those with sensitive skin to find a lip balm that does not irritate the lips. All of these balms are dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, paraben and petroleum free, and packed with all sorts of soothing oils to leave the lips soft. Hop over to this wonderful site,

For those with dryer skin, the best EOS lip balms would probably be the Medicated, Visibly Soft, and Active lip balm, more info here. The Medicated lip balm infuses specific ingredients with medicinal value to help cool specifically irritated and chapped lips. The Visibly Soft formula has additional oils to help lips feeling moisturized and soft. What is the difference between Medicated and Visibly Soft? Medicated is meant to heal the damaged skin in lips while Visibly Soft is to help dry lips not be dry. Over time, both can help repair the skin of the lips, but Medicated is much quicker and effective. The Active lip balm is listed as a third contender because like the Original and Organic, it is quite simple, but has the added benefit of SPF to help protect lips against harsh UV rays which can dry the skin out.

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Although those are some of the neutral lip balms which may be better for irritated/sensitive skin, it is important to re-emphasize that all the lip balms are dermatologist tested and okay for dry lips. The Original and Organic would also be great, as they are the most simple (but also the ones that made the brand popular), but the others are dedicated to giving users that extra moisture.

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