The Input of Graham Edwards in the Housing Policy Programs

Whenever a new initiative is generated, the main aim is to offer a platform where fresh policy thinking and new faces could thrive. This is what the CPS standing for Center for Policy Studies has decided to do. The launch of the CPS’s New Generation initiative is to see to it that the work it is doing has been supported in the right way. The policy will help the company come up with radical ideas that would see it realize surpassing growth. According to CPS, there are about four policy programs it considers major. These include housing and planning, enterprise and business, welfare and cost of living.

The leadership at CPS aims at ensuring these four programs have been remodeled to accommodate public response that matches the 21st century. Graham Edwards Telereal has been appointed to chair the Housing Policy Group. At Telereal Trillium, Graham serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Although there are several property companies that are privately owned in the UK, none of them seem to be as large as Telereal. He is expected to also be part of the in-house experts mandated to create policies that will take home ownership and housebuilding to the next level.

Entrepreneurship is among the pillars of the British economy. For this reason, Graham intends to work hard to ensure the entrepreneurship and enterprise have been properly promoted at every level. There are Policy Groups that CPS intends to build so as to advise and inform it on the kind research work it should embark on. Graham was appointed CEO of Telereal in 2011 to offer quality services to the UK Department of Pensions and Work, and also to British Telecom Plc ( His interests also touch on other areas such as water, software, engineering, mining and also real estate.

Graham went to an England-based Cambridge University to study Economics. The Institute of Chartered Accounts in Wales and also that in England consider Graham as a committed member in each. The Chartered Surveyors Royal Institute values the commitment of Graham to its activities as a member. He is now at the King’s College London doing his master’s degree in International Relations with the Middle East as his main focus.