The Entrepreneurial Leadership of Jeff Aronin

Jeff Aronin, the current chief executive officer of Paragon Biosciences, LLC, is an inspiration to many. He is the 2017 Weizmann Leadership Award recipient, an achievement honoring his 20 years of dedication and work in biotech and healthcare innovation companies. Jeff Aronin’s team has successfully gotten 13 new drugs approved by the FDA in the last decade, an approval rate that can only be rivaled by the biggest companies in the U.S. healthcare sector (Worldbusinesschicago). His passion is driven by his desire to help his patients live better lives. He believes in a patient-first approach and treats them as he would his own family.

Aronin understands that every patient is an individual; they are someone’s family or friend or loved one and, as a unique individual, they deserve a plan that is equally as unique for them. He develops plans for patient care and executes these plans with great professionalism and compassion. Much more than simple work, Jeff Aronin’s job is his passion, and he carries tremendous enthusiasm towards it.

His entrepreneurial spirit has driven him past hurdles and roadblocks and has allowed him to collaborate with some of the best minds in his field. Jeff Aronin has a team of talented, successful people at Paragon to work with ( His aim is to bring other talented, hard-working people up with him as a team and to improve his community. Aronin encourages his team to grow and encourages and helps entrepreneurs to grow their own business, using his knowledge and experience from starting up his own companies.

While Jeff Aronin is a dedicated CEO, he is also a dedicated family man. His family inspires and drives him forward and makes him understand how to better care for his patients. He treats his team and community like family and this drives him to want to help everyone and to want to make a difference. He shares his knowledge willingly in the hopes of helping anyone he can and make the world a better place by curing more and more diseases. He believes in science that benefits humanity.