The Medical Mentor Dr. Johanan Rand

Given the title a “doctor’s doctor” by his patients for his compassionate demeanor, a devotee of peer-review medicine because he only recommends treatment supported by medical journals and an author in the making, Dr. Johanan Rand is an all-around man and medical professional.

Ever since 1992, Johanan Rand has been a licensed doctor in New Jersey. He attended medical school at Howard University College of Medicine. He completed his residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He is now a practicing physician at Healthy Aging Medical Center. At the New Jersey medical center, Johanan Rand practices bioidentical hormone replacement therapy on his aging patients.

As men and women age, their hormone levels tend to become imbalanced. Women tend to lose estrogen and progesterone as they age. Men’s testosterone levels tend to decrease with age, as well as estrogen tends to increase in their bodies overtime. This hormonal imbalance experienced by both women and men can lead to various health concerns. Obesity, depression, heart disease, hypertension and cancer are diseases that become a concern with having a hormonal imbalance. To solve this problem of a hormonal imbalance is the need for bioidentical products. The process of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy replenishes the body of vital declined hormone levels.

Johanan Rand creates a custom program for each individual client. Based off of a physical exam, bloodwork and specific concerns of the patient, Dr. Rand is able to create a regimen of bioidentical products, diet and exercise to aid the patient in restoring hormone balance. When Dr. Rand takes a patient through this therapy and once hormone levels are balanced the body is more able to fight memory loss, heart disease and stroke. Vitality and vigor are restored.

Dr. Johanan Rand does an excellent job serving his patients as a doctor ( However, he also stands as a great health and fitness role model. He practices what he preaches by being health conscious. He creates custom nutrition and supplement regimens for his patients. Dr. Johanan Rand’s considerate and understanding nature makes for a well liked and very successful medical doctor but also role model.