Dr. Mark Holterman Healthcare Business

Starting a company in the medical industry is difficult. Many people have trouble paying for necessary health expenses. As the costs of medical care continue to increase, many people will keep struggling with these expenses.

Dr. Mark Holterman has years of experience in the health industry. He graduated from medical school decades ago. While he was in college, he worked for a health supplement company. He learned a lot about the industry, and he always wanted to start a company selling supplements. Dr. Mark Holterman now owns a medical practice. Instead of just prescribing pills for patients, he tells patients to concentrate on lifestyle changes.


Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Few people live a healthy lifestyle. The vast majority of people eat a diet that lacks essential nutrients. Most people also live a sedentary lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle is a proven way to reduce the odds of developing a disease. Exercise has been proven to have numerous benefits.

Dr. Mark Holterman tells all of his patients to switch to a diet comprised of only natural food options. Although any dietary change is hard, this is the best way for people to optimize their health. Dr. Mark Holterman also prescribes supplements to help patients reach their health goals.


Business Advice

When Dr. Mark Holterman started his company, it was difficult to make a profit. Growing a new business idea is never easy. Few people are willing to spend money on their health until there is a significant problem. Dr. Mark Holterman had to develop multiple sources of income for his company to survive. Not only did he offer health coaching, but he also sold various products to help patients reach their goals. Dr. Mark Holterman now owns one of the most influential health companies in the country. He is excited about the future of his company.