How Organo Gold Can Help People Lead Healthier Lives

Organo Gold is an international company that is based in British Columbia, Canada, Their specialties are premium coffees and teas plus they sell health supplement products and some personal care items. The thing that differentiates Organo Gold from their competitors is that they include Ganoderma in all of their products. This is a mushroom they grind up that has been researched for many years because it has shown a broad range of benefits for consuming.

The products that Organo Gold produces are sold through independent distributors around the world. They introduce their new products on the YouTube channel including both their new Cafe Supreme coffee and OGX FENIX which is one of their newest supplements. They also feature testimonials of their independent distributors showing how they have built thriving careers selling Organo Gold’s products. Organo Gold is also available at Amazon.

The health supplements that Organa Gold sells through its independent distributors are designed to improve their customer’s health. One of these is FENIX DX which is an advanced detox support product that has the flavor of pink lemonade. Another one, FENIX XT, is flavored like mango peach and it is an energy drink mix. They also offer two shake mix products that are designed to help people both lose weight and feel really healthy and great. They are available in two flavors, chocolate and vanilla.


There are now more than half a million people selling Organo Gold products around the globe. Each one is an entrepreneur who basically runs their own company. They have access to Organo Gold products and are able to supply potential customers with samples so that they can see the health benefits for themselves when drinking Organo Gold teas and coffees infused with Ganoderma. In order to appeal to every type of taste the coffees and teas are sold in a wide variety of flavor. Read the reviews at