Jorge Moll’s Brain Studies in Neuroscience from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Jorge Moll is a neuroscientist who was able to create MRI and FMRI scans within his past experiments in cognitive science. He is a leading scientists in his field because he learned how to gather information and data from MRI images. Jorge Moll was able to create MRI imaging through stimulation and then gather knowledge about the working brain under an MRI test. Dr. Jorge Moll made many observations on how the brain responds to moral judgments, and different types of social behaviors. The MRI would be able to show how some people have brain patterns that indicate damage to parts of their brain. Jorge Moll speaks a lot on the frontal cortex, which are important for movement in our body. Jorge Moll also speaks about how the front of the brain is responsible for planning, controlling our adult behaviors, and involved in high level emotions. Dr. Jorge Moll has studied psychiatry, decision-making in the brain, and how thinking about choices and consequences create the weighing of benefits throughout the brain. Therefore, the brain is a very complex structure that has been studied for decades, and in partcular at the D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR) located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Jorge Moll has done his studies at the IDOR and has managed to present many results. Moll has proved how emotions and moral behaviors exhibit differences in the brain activation of people. He has studied how the brain responds to emotional pictures. Moll has compared and looked at many pictures of the brain when they are responding emotionally. It is interesting to compare the moral to non-moral images according to Moll, because participants in his experiments are not aware of the moral natures of the studies that they were involved in. It was up to the participants to just respond naturally to the experiment.

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