Meet the Individual behind the Epitome of the Mariam Global Health: Dr. Mark Holterman

Dr. Mark Holterman is the Chief Executive Officer of Mariam Global Health (Vitals). He is well trained in clinical medicine and basic research. Dr. Mark has been in the medical field for more than two decades. This explains his professionalism and expertise in the medical practice. Dr. Mark is an alumnus of the University Of Virginia School Of Medicine.

The innovation of the Mariam Global Health was mainly to facilitate the growth and development of ideas that could change the phase of the health care center. Dr. Mark explains that he realized that they were physicians with great ideas that would significantly improve the health sectors but lacked funds. Dr. Holterman loves to call this group Impact Innovators. On the other hand, some persons have money and are simply waiting for a valid opportunity to invest their funds; he calls this group the Impact Investors.

The role of Mariam Global Health is to improve the healthcare center by incorporating the Impact Investors with the Impact Innovators.

Dr. Mark Holterman begins his day and ends it with a word of prayer. He says it’s good to show appreciation for everything you have accomplished and what you are about to gain each day. His schedule during the day is very flexible. He understands that while other tasks can be put aside to attend to urgent matters, some tasks are unavoidable. Over the years he has also learned to delegate duties to alleviate himself of the workload.

One factor that helps to bring Dr. Holterman’s ideas to life is by treating them as friends and not his children. He says that there is no way you could ever part with your kids. However, good friends may come and go and may benefit you when the time is right. He also advises investors to stop holding on to ideas, either evaluate them or get past them.

One challenge he has experienced in his line of work is lack of the pitch to attract investors. He says that sometimes even a well-worked out plan may not get financial support. Instead of giving up, this calls for refining of the pitch and keep trying. Dr. Holterman, however, says that at some point a firm has to learn to sustain its needs at whatever cost.