The life of pediatric innovator, Dr. Mark Holterman

Dr. Mark was a humble boy raised by his parents in Wisconsin. His high school life was a smooth ride because he was a smart student. His dream to join Yale University, the school of his dream, was alive as he performed very well in his studies.

To his surprise, he was called to Join Yale University from which he graduated in 1980. His passion to be a pediatrician drove him to join University of Virginia, in the medical school. He also participated in National Institutes of Health program which could grant him a medical scientist title. He graduated and became a surgeon in University of Virginia Health Sciences Centre (

His career was blossoming and he moved to Seattle. He joined the University of Washington’s Children Hospital and Medical Centre as a pediatric surgeon. This was a great experience for Mark who later moved to Quebec. He worked with the Clinical Research Institute of Montreal for two years as a researcher. He gained more knowledge in his field during this period.

Other than been a career person, Mark is the CEO of Mariam Global Health, an organization that helps in funding medical businesses that are innovative. This has helped many upcoming medicals businesses to grow and offer the best services.

In 2011, he joined University of Illinois College of Medicine as a member of faculty and a professor in pediatrics and surgery. He also works as a pediatric surgeon at St. Francis Medical Center, Children’s Hospital Illinois and Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital.

Mark takes part in medical researches in the University of Illinois. His skills were recognized by the American Diabetes Association which honored him with the Innovative Research Award. His research on regenerative medicine led him to be a co-founder of The Hannah Sunshine Foundation, a charity organization that help children suffering from chronic illnesses.

Additionally, Mark was among the founders of IPSAC-VN, a non-profit organization whose aim is to improve conditions in Vietnamese hospitals. Moreover, Mark has a passion in writing. He has done numerous articles, topics related to medicine in textbooks as well as columns in journals. He is also a professional lecture who is recognized worldwide.