Dr. Mark Holterman A Philanthropist, Innovator and Humanitarian

Dr. Mark Holterman is a well-known pediatrician whose work for multiple hospitals in Canada and in the United States. He has over twenty years of experience working with children of all ages, and has been a surgeon as well as a general practitioner. What makes Dr. Holterman different than other doctors though is his dedication to serving people in different countries. While there are medical missions that go across the world in order to try and combat infections and diseases, Holterman has turned his attention to Vietnam and, in particular, is attempting to change the infrastructure of how medicine operates in that country.

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Mark Holterman first turned his attention to Vietnam when he traveled there with his wife several years ago. It was during his time in that country that he noticed the horrible hospital conditions that Vietnam had. It is not uncommon to see rampant infection within surgical rooms, as medical technology is not as updated as in other countries. Dr. Holterman saw how the children were suffering from these problems, and wanted to come back to the United States and work on developing solutions for them.

Is for the people of Vietnam that Holterman, alongside other doctors who want the same thing, created a new corporation called IPSAC-VN. This corporation has already spent millions of dollars to fund new medical equipment in order to produce updated Hospital practices with in Vietnam. Due to their efforts they have also been able to train hundreds of Vietnamese doctors in Western medicine practices. It is unknown at this point of time how successful this company will be in changing how medicine operates in Vietnam, but so far their efforts have produced quite a deal of fruit. One of their missions for the future is to open their own private practices using trained Vietnamese Professionals in order to offer excellent medical service to Vietnamese citizens living in secluded rural areas. It is because of these things that Dr. Mark Holterman is a philanthropist and also a humanitarian medical provider.