Neurocore Provides Personalized Treatment for Depressed Patients

Imagine more than a quarter of 1 billion people afflicted with depression throughout the world. This medical condition is a significant cause of disability and death by suicide. However, the good news is that it can be treated with Neurocore technology. The treatment for depressed patients is established on each one’s unique brain map. The total assessment will produce a personal program that will help patients in training their brain. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

However, we customize patient treatment, according to their particular symptom. We realize that each may display different clusters of symptoms. This realization means one may receive a different Neurotherapy training protocol from another. Therefore, depression does not have one procedure to fit every person’s case.

The disease can come in many forms, and it’s a definite struggle for those who need to know about the kinds of depression such as these:

  • Bipolar disorder — there are some who may not think of this as a depression. Some patients have recognized it as manic depression. It is a mental illness condition that can cause a person to have extreme mood swings; they may feel emotional highs and lows. Thus, you might feel full of energy and then another time; you may become easily irritated.
  • Major Depression — this one is a general condition with which many people will associate. In some cases, you’ll lose weight or gain it. Some people will have problems sleeping at night, but get sleepy during the day.
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder — this irregularity is also known as winter depression, seasonal depression or winter blues. The mood disorder is a symptom experienced by some people during the winter, while they may have normal mental health during the most significant part of the year.

At Neurocore, we spotlight the core of the issue, the brain. Throughout this approach, your symptoms may recede, and often, our program provides lasting results.

On Neurocore’s Facebook page, we are featuring what was a gorgeous day for the NAMI Walk in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida during the first Saturday of November 2017! We were proud sponsors, and our Neurocore team was so excited to be a part of such a stirring cause. Follow Neurocore on

For those who might not know, the NAMIWalks of Palm Beach, Florida carries out this fund-raising event to help The National Alliance educate the country about mental health.

Also, the valuable campaign will benefit the community from mental illness awareness. The invitation is to whoever would be interested in joining in the NAMI Walk each year here.