EOS-Worth a Review

EOS lip balm has been around for some time, and they recently added some exciting flavors to the mix. Their new vegan flavored lip balm hasn’t gone unnoticed, either. The new lip balm is something to get excited about and are a welcome sight for veteran fans as well as those of us who have not been able to enjoy EOS products due to certain allergies to some of the ingredients in their products. The clear crystal vegan lip balm product will still come in their famous orb packaging and they are clear so they really stand out despite their transparency, check it also here on usmagazine.com.

The new orbs are clear, organic, and animal-byproduct-free. The new lip balm is beeswax-free so vegan can now enjoy the pampering EOS lip balms. The new lip balms can be purchased at Walgreens, CVS, Target, and Walmart. At this time there are just two vegan lip balm flavors but more are in the works.

The new crystal flavors are a hit and have even sold out in many stores, shop here at amazon.com. Even their website sold out thanks to their new and innovative product and the price isn’t bad.

EOS is all about being different and standing out from the crowd. That is why they have become so popular and their products are great so what’s not to love? Years ago EOS made its way into the lip balm market where there was only really one dominant company on the shelves-Chapstick. Their unique brand and great flavors have made them popular then and they are still popular today, read more. EOS is continuing to evolve and develop new products that its large fan base can appreciate. EOS is not going away anytime soon and they are only bringing more flavors out to enjoy so be sure to watch for them. Especially the vegan ones.

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