Jeff Aronin is a Medical Innovator

Paragon Biosciences is the parent company of many different companies within medical industries. The Chairman & CEO of Paragon Biosciences is Jeff Aronin. Over the course of the companies’ existence, Aronin has led the company to create many valuable products for consumers.

Paragon itself is a healthcare development and biopharmaceutical investment firm. They connect the means to an end in the field of medical research and as an end result are innovative products that sometimes help individuals who previously had no treatment options at all.

The companies that are under the leadership of Paragon Biosciences include Harmony Biosciences, Precision BP, Decade Pharmaceuticals, and Castle Creek Pharma. Paragon and its subsidiaries endlessly work to find solutions for rare medical conditions and improve the life of patients who are suffering from debilitating diseases (

Paragon partners itself with companies that share its similar patient-first approach to medical research including Debra, Valor, Fidelity, and Diaderm. With the help from its investors and partners, Paragon has been creating quality products since it was founded in 2010.


Who is Jeff Aronin?

Jeff Aronin is an expert in the field of biotech development and healthcare innovation. His 20 years of experience makes him one of the most respected names in the industry; his passion enables him to bring the very best in their respective fields together to create practical solutions. He has been Chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences since its foundation in 2010.

Prior to joining Paragon Biosciences, Aronin was president and CEO of Ovation Pharmaceutical, which was purchased by Lundbeck in 2009. Aronin served as president and CEO of Lundbeck throughout the acquisition process but then left the company.

As well as being involved in the pharmaceutical business, Aronin sits on the board in Discover Financial Services and World Business Chicago.

Aronin currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.