Livio Bisterzo Looks To Develop A Range Of Natural And Lifestyle Companies

Hippeas, Created by Livio BisterzoMaking sure the options available to his customers has always been high on the list of priorities for entrepreneur Livio Bisterzo who has spent the last seven years looking for the perfect first step towards entering the healthy lifestyle market. Bisterzo has now brought the first offering from his Green Park Brands company to the table in the form of puffed chickpeas sold under the Hippeas brand; Green Park Brands hopes this will prove to be the first step in a significant entry into the healthy lifestyle market that has been eased by Starbucks deciding to stock Hippeas in more than 7,500 of their stores across the U.S.

Livio Bisterzo has already made a splash as an entrepreneur through the many different brands the graduate of The University of the Arts London, from which he gained a BA in Arts Management that has allowed Livio to launch his career as an entrepreneur.

One of the major reasons the brands developed by Livio Bisterzo (@liviobisterzo) have proven to be such a success is the strong following they have developed over the years in the form of socially responsible companies that look to develop a better future for people around the world. The Hippeas range is a good example of the way Livio Bisterzo considers carefully the impact each aspect of his growing business empire will have on the world; Hippeas (@hippeas_snacks) has been developed to provide textured, puffed chickpeas that will be natural and safe to eat.

Not only are Hippeas developed as a safe and natural product, but they have also been created to provide assistance for chickpea farmers in Eastern Africa through a linkup with the Farm Africa charity. A portion of the profits from every pack of Hippeas sold will be used by Farm Africa to develop new and exciting programs to aid farmers across this economically challenged part of the world. Livio Bisterzo believes the Millennial market will be the top consumer group to purchase his products because they are organic, GMO free, and developed in a number of always popular flavors.

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