Matt Badiali Talks of New Magic Metal

Matt Badiali is a financial expert and editor of Real Wealth Strategist, under the Banyan Hill Publishing imprint. After beginning his career as a geologist, garnering a Bachelor of the Science degree from Penn State University in earth science, as well as a Master of Science degree from Florida Atlantic University, during his time in grad school, he switched his focus to finance and investment, and since that point, has been rising steadily through the ranks. Recently, Matt Badiali has been focusing much of his attention on the little-known return on investment known as Freedom Checks. Read more about Matt Badiali at Ideamensch. Freedom Checks are most common in the oil and gas industry, and on a quarterly or monthly basis, these companies, which consists of over 500, send out these monies, which can often be substantial. The companies that distribute Freedom Checks are called master limited partnerships, and they regularly pay out in excess of 90 percent of their generated income, making them exempt from taxation. Master limited partnerships often pay out more substantially than similar accounts, such as IRA and 401k, and the reason that they are exempt from taxation is due to the fact that Freedom Checks are considered to be the return of capital, instead of taxable income. Purchasing a master limited partnership is done along the same lines as buying traditional stocks, yet, when they are sold, they are only taxed at the lower capital rate, which, in itself, is an additional benefit. Read this article at

Throughout his career, Matt Badiali has consistently profited from his investments, while also presenting a number of lucrative opportunities to his clients. This has been possible due to his consistent ability to stay in front of upcoming trends, and he recently began supporting the metal, zinc, which, in his estimation, is poised to bring about a number of lucrative returns in the near future. Traditionally we have seen zinc rise significantly during a bull market, but many current investors have become leery, as this process has not been a meteoric rise. Historically, bull markets have risen steadily, experiencing some dips during the process, and the same should be expected for zinc. With the incredible amount of uses, including boats and smartphones, zinc can be considered one of the most important metals that we have access to. According to Matt Badiali, those who get out in front of the trend will stand to make considerable gains, as the price of zinc will, if history is correct, continue to rise.