Oncotarget Helps Doctors Connect with Their Patients

Oncotarget knows what it takes to give people what they are looking for. They have come a long way in the area they are in and that has allowed them to treat even more people because they know what they are doing. Cancer treatment is important to them and they want to know what it will take to make things better. Because of their dedication to people who are in cancer treatment, they know what they need to do. When Research Gate talked about Oncotarget, they saw the publication was doing what they could to make sure their patients had everything they needed. In fact, they knew there would be more opportunities for people to try and get the help they deserved. Everything they did went back to how they could help and what they could actually do to make a difference. It was important to Oncotarget to provide positive options to their patients and the doctors who were trying to treat their patients. Follow Oncotarget on Linkedin.

Bringing information to doctors who were in the sector was not an easy task. The creators of Oncotarget knew that when they started the publication so they did what they could to make it easier for people to deal with. They also designed the peer review publication so more doctors would have a chance to connect with each other. They had always wanted people to realize they were doing their best and that’s what made them the best they could be.

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Once the company was able to come up with new ways for doctors to connect, they were confident they could show people how much things would get better. They had always wanted to give the medical community something they could benefit from. By offering these options with Oncotarget, the oncologists had a chance to help each other. They also knew they would be doing everything they could for their patients which is why most of them started working in the medical industry. Because of their success with the publication, oncologists learned how they could benefit other people and those who were trying to get better from cancer. Listen to an audio podcast of Oncotarget on Itunes.

Highland Capital: Great For Investors

When it comes to investment companies, not all are built the same. Some are built with investors in mind, while some are built on earning a profit no matter what. With the reality recent economic crash, investors are looking for companies to invest in that is not only caring about making profits, but also care about helping people and the community. In the world of finii=ncals, you need to be sure that your invests are strategic and have a goal in mind. Highland Capital is one of those companies that firmly believe in helping people and the community while earning a profit. They are quickly becoming one of the big players in the investment market and is becoming known as one of the most ethic led companies in the financial industry. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.

Highland Capital is making a bullish investment in the market this year. They believe that the bull market will continue and that healthcare will be a big driver of this success. With this bullish outlook, they are putting money into technology, healthcare, and several other sectors of the economy. With these investments, Highland Capital is actively gaining a profit for their investors and is building the economy at the same time. Recently, they have been invited to ring the closing bell for revisiting a stock on the market. This is because many the industry has seen how ethic and profitable this company is. They are quickly becoming one of the leaders in the financial industry.

View: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/highland-capital-management-names-trey-parker-co-chief-investment-officer-300518843.html

Another big thing this company loves to do is to give back to the community and to give back to charities. They have their own department of charitable giving with a manager so that they can effectively ensure that the money they give to charity is for a good cause, and is guaranteed to make a difference in the community.

Investing can be hard but with Highland Capital, they are making investing easy for their investors. They are determined to gain profit in this bullish market while guaranteeing that they are also giving back to charity and the community. They are gaining a profit and being ethical, which has caused them to be a leader in the industry. Read more at bloomberg.com.

Jorge Moll: Studying Neuroscience and its Correlation to Morality

For thousands of years, scientists are puzzled about how the brain affects morality. There is a belief that what happens inside the brain determines the moral values of an individual. Jorge Moll, a neuroscientist from Brazil, worked with several colleagues from the medical sector to conduct experiments and study how the human brain works. During their research, they have shown their volunteers a series of scenario which involves being generous and being selfish. They also used specialized equipment that would scan the brain for activities that would highlight how it would respond to several scenarios that are being shown to them. Jorge Moll and his team were surprised how the brain actively responded and moved as they were being presented with situations related to being generous. Hormones were also released from the brain that causes the volunteers to feel a different kind of pleasure, comparable when eating a delicious food or when engaging in sexual activity. On the other hand, the brain does not exhibit any responses when the selfish scenario plays out, and no hormones were released. Follow Jorge Moll on Linkedin.

Through this experiment, Jorge Moll and his team found out that there is a specific place in the brain which creates chemicals that causes its responsive actions. They also concluded that being charitable causes someone to feel pleasure because of the hormones released by the brain. Its correlation to morality is that people tend to do more good because of the light-hearted feeling that they feel, all related to the hormones released by the brain. Watch this video on youtube.com.

Jorge Moll is now encouraging everyone to give because of its health benefits. Giving something would result in a pleasurable experience, and everyone should experience it once in a while. Today, Jorge Moll is actively working with his colleagues to find out more information about morality and how the chemicals released by the brain would affect how an individual feels. Neuroscience is one of the most complex scientific fields, and people like Jorge Moll are sacrificing their time and energy to make the subject matter easier to understand. However, despite the advancement in technology, there are still mysteries within the field of neuroscience waiting to be unlocked.

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Highland Capital is Redefining the Investment World

Highland Capital Management, L.P., is the brain child of co-founders James Dondero and Mark Okada. The company got its start back in 1990 when the co-founders established a partnership with Protective Life Insurance Company. The newly formed company focused on fixed income markets. In 1993, the company morphed into PAMCO (Protective Asset Management Company). After purchasing the additional 60 percent of PAMCO, the company changed its name to Ranger Asset Management and then to Highland Capital Management.

Highland Capital is an SEC (Security Exchange Commission) registered company and has grown to one of the largest and most recognized alternative credit managers and investment advisors in the world. The company placed a focus on credit strategies including CLO’s (collateralized loan obligations), private equity, long only funds and separate accounts and credit hedge funds. The offerings at Highland also include investing in natural resources, emerging markets and alternative investments. The company maintains its home office in Dallas, Texas, as well as offices in Singapore, Seoul, Sao Paulo and New York. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

The company expanded its offerings to mutual funds when they acquired two floating rate funds. The company also launched the first comingled bank loan fund, as well as establishing the 40 Act platform, an alternative investment. The CLO market has been very profitable for the company as they have structured and monitored more than 25 CLO’s that totals about $30 billion. The first total return strategy focused on distressed assets. The company is always developing strategies to help investors achieve their objectives in keeping with their level of risk they are willing to take and keep up with the return they expect.

Read: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/highland-capital-management-closes-private-equity-fund-with-south-koreas-national-pension-service-300456659.html

The company has grown and expanded its offerings by developing new and improved investment strategies. The company currently boasts more than 180 staff members and more than 20 years of financial and investment experience. They serves a very diverse client base that includes individuals with high net worth, governments and financial institutions, corporations, endowments and foundations and pension plans. Highland is committed to offering unique products that take the best advantage of the current market conditions and offering the maximum return for the minimum level of risk. Read more at bloomberg.com.

EOS-Worth a Review

EOS lip balm has been around for some time, and they recently added some exciting flavors to the mix. Their new vegan flavored lip balm hasn’t gone unnoticed, either. The new lip balm is something to get excited about and are a welcome sight for veteran fans as well as those of us who have not been able to enjoy EOS products due to certain allergies to some of the ingredients in their products. The clear crystal vegan lip balm product will still come in their famous orb packaging and they are clear so they really stand out despite their transparency, check it also here on usmagazine.com.

The new orbs are clear, organic, and animal-byproduct-free. The new lip balm is beeswax-free so vegan can now enjoy the pampering EOS lip balms. The new lip balms can be purchased at Walgreens, CVS, Target, and Walmart. At this time there are just two vegan lip balm flavors but more are in the works.

The new crystal flavors are a hit and have even sold out in many stores, shop here at amazon.com. Even their website sold out thanks to their new and innovative product and the price isn’t bad.

EOS is all about being different and standing out from the crowd. That is why they have become so popular and their products are great so what’s not to love? Years ago EOS made its way into the lip balm market where there was only really one dominant company on the shelves-Chapstick. Their unique brand and great flavors have made them popular then and they are still popular today, read more. EOS is continuing to evolve and develop new products that its large fan base can appreciate. EOS is not going away anytime soon and they are only bringing more flavors out to enjoy so be sure to watch for them. Especially the vegan ones.

Find more great details here on http://www.allure.com/review/eos-lip-balm-sphere.


How Organo Gold Can Help People Lead Healthier Lives

Organo Gold is an international company that is based in British Columbia, Canada, Their specialties are premium coffees and teas plus they sell health supplement products and some personal care items. The thing that differentiates Organo Gold from their competitors is that they include Ganoderma in all of their products. This is a mushroom they grind up that has been researched for many years because it has shown a broad range of benefits for consuming.

The products that Organo Gold produces are sold through independent distributors around the world. They introduce their new products on the YouTube channel including both their new Cafe Supreme coffee and OGX FENIX which is one of their newest supplements. They also feature testimonials of their independent distributors showing how they have built thriving careers selling Organo Gold’s products. Organo Gold is also available at Amazon.

The health supplements that Organa Gold sells through its independent distributors are designed to improve their customer’s health. One of these is FENIX DX which is an advanced detox support product that has the flavor of pink lemonade. Another one, FENIX XT, is flavored like mango peach and it is an energy drink mix. They also offer two shake mix products that are designed to help people both lose weight and feel really healthy and great. They are available in two flavors, chocolate and vanilla.

Read: http://reporterexpert.com/celebrate-national-coffee-day-organo/

There are now more than half a million people selling Organo Gold products around the globe. Each one is an entrepreneur who basically runs their own company. They have access to Organo Gold products and are able to supply potential customers with samples so that they can see the health benefits for themselves when drinking Organo Gold teas and coffees infused with Ganoderma. In order to appeal to every type of taste the coffees and teas are sold in a wide variety of flavor. Read the reviews at dietspotlight.com.

Might Fortress Church, A Shining Example of How To Be a Light

Many churches in Minnesota are visually absolutely breathe taking. The astounding pointed spires and centered steeple of Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church. Which was once the second tallest building in Minneapolis. The beauty and symmetry of the French Beaux-Arts style architecture of the Church of St. Mary’s in New Trier. As well as Church of St. Mary in Melrose interior blue starry night painted ceiling. Has a very artistically design sanctuary dome with detailed stained glass windows tell a beautiful story to members and guests alike. These churches display an absolutely powerful visual, but the building is only the tip of the iceberg. Mighty Fortress Church gives members and guests a truly captivating experience, visually and internally. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

What is different about Mighty Fortress Church? It is a place where you can build a truly lasting and meaningful relationship with Christ and real people. Lives are being changed through the application of Biblical principles as well as the worship of God. By giving what anyone would want, a caring and empathetic atmosphere, with a vision for how to conduct oneself in this modern world. People are encountering truly the presence of God and His word, changing lives one person at a time.

Visit: http://mightyfortress.net/1st-lady-williams

When you come to Might Fortress Church you can expect an honest answer to life’s toughest questions. Gods view on how to conduct oneself in society is best; and they deliver these messages only from the Word of God. They seek to put away the formal week to week rituals many believe to be the essence of Christianity. And bring alive true worship via authentic relationships, discussion, corporate worship, and especially exercising spiritual gifts so your purpose is realized.

At this church please come as you are. They want to care for, love, and respect who you are, not what you think you should be when you arrive. Bishop T.R. Williams has been active in ministry for over 30 years. This Senior Pastor seeks to build a bridge for every individual from themselves to God through Jesus Christ and the answers found in the God inspired word, the Bible. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Linkedin.com.

Jim Dondero, Highland Capital Management Partner with The Dallas Foundation to Enhance Philanthropy Program in the Dallas Community

James Dondero is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Dallas-based Highland Capital Management Company. The Highland Capital Management Company is one of the largest united States-based investment banking companies with more than $20 billion under their management. Since James Dondero founded the company, it has worked its way to the top through active business deals with the aim of achieving the best for its people. James Dondero has always worked towards developing the company towards adopting a better business approach to make it achieve the most sophisticated business capability in a manner that is intended to develop miscalculated approach systems. Read more about James Dondero on Bloomberg.

While Highland Capital Management Company paves its way towards developing the best business reviews for its clients, it is working its way towards increasing its charitable giving in society. James Dondero has used the company to issue millions of dollars towards charitable activities that set it apart from the industry. Since he founded the company, he has taken strategic approaches to reflect its scale in philanthropic efforts. In fact, James Dondero was ranked among the largest philanthropic companies in the past few years. While the company works with the end in mind, Highland Capital Management has identified an established philanthropic company that will work with it to sustain their numerous philanthropic activities in the United States. Visit Nexbank.com to know more about James.

According to James Dondero, they were seeking a philanthropic partner that will manage all the resources they raise towards charitable giving. However, Highland Capital Management has taken a more strategic approach towards giving more than $3 million in the past few years. This is why the Dallas-based Dallas Foundation has made it possible to assist many educational programs to sustain their benefits in the industry. For this reason, they ended up achieving the only solution needed to credit their business capabilities. James Dondero also describes that Highland Capital Management Company was drawn to the Dallas Foundations because they stand in for what matters most. Education is the only way to help the less fortunate achieve their goals in the future. For this reason, James Dondero has teamed up with this foundation to issue millions towards charitable campaigns.

Read: http://www.barrons.com/articles/making-bold-bets-on-alternative-investmentsand-winning-1490423757

Take Back Dry Lips With EOS Lip Balm Products

How important is it for you to have soft beautiful lips? EOS lip balm products give you a easy way to hydrate your lips with a guaranteed quality product with all-natural ingredients. Their products protect your lips against prolonged sun and the threat of UV rays. They protect the delicate skin on your lips with highly preferred organic ingredients which are 100% cruelty-free and safe for all skin types. EOS lip balm products can be used in combination with your regular lipstick brand, refer to dm.de. Surprisingly, they fit most budgets with many products reasonably priced under $10 with 2 pack offers for customer convenience.

Their very popular Crystal brands comes in an even cuter package than the original with a no logo frosty coating on their new containers. You can find their products conveniently on the beauty care aisle of select retailers. They ensure you can get cool aromatherapy with maximum protection with great scents including Mint Kisser and Lemon Drop. EOS lip balm products are great for dry and chapped skin because they provide a super-moist coating when and where you need it. Say goodbye to dry skin with the remarkable benefits of superior EOS lip balm products today, purchase here.

Visit EOS’ official website here on https://evolutionofsmooth.com/.


Neurocore Provides Personalized Treatment for Depressed Patients

Imagine more than a quarter of 1 billion people afflicted with depression throughout the world. This medical condition is a significant cause of disability and death by suicide. However, the good news is that it can be treated with Neurocore technology. The treatment for depressed patients is established on each one’s unique brain map. The total assessment will produce a personal program that will help patients in training their brain. Visit indeed.com to know more about Neurocore.

However, we customize patient treatment, according to their particular symptom. We realize that each may display different clusters of symptoms. This realization means one may receive a different Neurotherapy training protocol from another. Therefore, depression does not have one procedure to fit every person’s case.

The disease can come in many forms, and it’s a definite struggle for those who need to know about the kinds of depression such as these:

  • Bipolar disorder — there are some who may not think of this as a depression. Some patients have recognized it as manic depression. It is a mental illness condition that can cause a person to have extreme mood swings; they may feel emotional highs and lows. Thus, you might feel full of energy and then another time; you may become easily irritated.
  • Major Depression — this one is a general condition with which many people will associate. In some cases, you’ll lose weight or gain it. Some people will have problems sleeping at night, but get sleepy during the day.
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder — this irregularity is also known as winter depression, seasonal depression or winter blues. The mood disorder is a symptom experienced by some people during the winter, while they may have normal mental health during the most significant part of the year.

At Neurocore, we spotlight the core of the issue, the brain. Throughout this approach, your symptoms may recede, and often, our program provides lasting results.

On Neurocore’s Facebook page, we are featuring what was a gorgeous day for the NAMI Walk in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida during the first Saturday of November 2017! We were proud sponsors, and our Neurocore team was so excited to be a part of such a stirring cause. Follow Neurocore on twitter.com.

For those who might not know, the NAMIWalks of Palm Beach, Florida carries out this fund-raising event to help The National Alliance educate the country about mental health.

Also, the valuable campaign will benefit the community from mental illness awareness. The invitation is to whoever would be interested in joining in the NAMI Walk each year here.

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