The Superintendent behind Southridge Capital LLC’s Feats

Headquartered in Connecticut, Southridge Capital has grown to be one of the finest investment consultancies in the global investment market. Like most corporates of its caliber, Southridge Capital serves its portfolio companies with groundbreaking financial elucidations that would progress their financial health. Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at Crunchbase.

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Who is the manager behind its success?

Southridge Capital LLC’s realizations can be ascribed to Stephen Hicks, its CEO, and founder. Mr. Hicks is a trained proprietor with a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in business management. He has served US’ financial and investment industry for over 30 years.

Mr. Heck collaborates with Linda Carlsen, Narine Persaud, Henry Sargent, and Laurence Ditkoff. The directors have a solid financial background. They used to serve other leading business and investment companies.

Apart from the managerial role, Mr. Hicks is a compassionate individual who funds non-governmental organizations that support the underserved society. In fact, the CEO and his wife run the Daystar Foundation, an association that funds the homegrown charities operating in the United States. Visit to know more about Sussex Healthcare.

Why Stephen Hicks started Southridge Capital LLC

In an interview organized by, Mr. Stephen Hicks confessed that he began his financial advisory with the significant ambition of supporting emergent companies to compete with their time-honoured competitors.

Today, Southridge Capital has advanced to be one of the significant investment advisory firms in the global market. Its veteran team of experts specializes in restructuring services, financing solutions, bankruptcy advice, as well as financial analysis.

Where does Mr. Hicks get his investment ideas?

Apart from his experience, Mr. Hicks acquires his economic ideas by reading the news articles posted on the Wall Street Journal, and OTC markets. Most of the articles published on the sites have fresh content authored by the world’s endowed investment experts.

What is Mr. Stephen Hicks’s role in Southridge Capital?

As Southridge Capital’s CEO, Mr. Hicks superintends his firm’s investment projects to ascertain that they are performing as expected. Besides administering the plans, Stephen Hicks rummages for new lucrative investment schemes that are worth pursuing.

In a recent interview with, the investment expert held that he was contemplating investing in the cryptocurrency and marijuana industries.